Fibro Freedom by FibroCoach.Online (short)

This is a very short (29 seconds) introduction to Christine Lutley, FibroCoach. Online, and to her work coaching and teaching women with fibromyalgia make simple changes to cause their wellness, to create the life they want and to transform them into the women they long to be, well, productive, and thriving.  

Fibro Freedom Formula by FibroCoach.Online (full version)

Introduction to Christine,  FibroCoach. Online, and her work coaching and teaching women with fibromyalgia to make simple changes to heal themselves, cause their wellness, and reclaim their power.

First live class is scheduled to start on October 21, 2019,  and run for 12 weeks -- time to set goals, learn, create new habits,  and begin to transform.  

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What nourishes your soul ...and makes you feel wonderful?

What nourishes your soul, feeds you at the deepest level, and and makes you feel wonderful? Feed your deepest self and feel calm, and joy and bliss.  What insults your soul, or offends you at the deepest level? These questions point at your core values, deepest beliefs and your deepest needs. If you don't know the answers to these questions, then you can't address the problems, be in alignment with your values and meet your needs.

These are among the topics we explore in Fibro Freedom Formula, as we learn to love and heal ourselves.

YouTube Channel Introduction

This was the YouTube Channel "FibroCoach.Online" introductory video.  

The channel contains valuable tips & advice for women dealing with fibromyalgia, from a woman who was work-disabled by it, & who has researched, studied, & practiced her way back to wellness. 

Christine is the creator of Fibro Freedom Formula training and coaching program which guides women  like me and like you to  learn to address, relieve & resolve our symptoms & their underlying causes, to reclaim our power & life to thrive.


Morning stiffness and aches -- Relief is available

For those who dread mornings because of waking up stiff and achy, this Facebook ad video invited viewers to get our video of "Morning Movements You Can Do in Bed to Relieve Pain and Stiffness" on our Facebook Page.  It is no longer pinned to the top, but check under videos. Its there.  Then go to our Facebook Group and pick up free gifts under units.  Please Follow Page &/or Join Group. I'd love to welcome you.

Fibro's not curable; but we can heal ourselves.

When we stop focusing on fibro symptoms and focus on solutions, we see possibilities. When we focus on ourselves, we see fibro has symptoms AND that fibro is symptomatic of the underlying causes we haven't yet addressed.

We don't need a cure for fibromyalgia. We need to take responsibility for the most important thing we'll ever do -- heal ourselves, so we can live fully and thrive.   Once we have healed ourselves, we have no further need for dis-ease, and so symptoms disappear.  

Get well soon!

My Healing Journey & Yours

In this very early video, Christine describes some of her own healing journey with Fibromyalgia and makes recommendations for you, including offering a free coaching session.   

Note: There is a gap of about 20 seconds at about 12:50 and it lasts til about 13:10.  Check out this amateur video by a talented coach & healer. Thank you for watching.  Please Like and Subscribe.

Lots more to see

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about FibroCoach.Online.  I hope you enjoy our site.  

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