Life Coaching

Seedlings breaking through the soil and growing, representing transitions and transformations of life made easier with a Life Coach, like Christine

Life Coaching: for Any Challenge or Transition, or to Transform Your Life

I use life coaching to raise clients up physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically/spiritually,  addressing underlying conditions, and creating healthier and more productive habits and behaviors for a balanced life.

I offer my unique approach to coaching to anyone who resonates with it.

I am happy to work with anyone interested in Life Coaching from a holistic and spiritual/energetic approach. 

While I do have a specialty, I do not restrict my services to women, or fibromyalgia. While recovery from Fibromyalgia is a particularly challenging transformation,  I am just as committed to clients with other challenges, including living with other chronic illnesses and pain. 

 I am a small business owner, so I am also happy to coach other business owners, including men, on life coaching matters. 

Long before I was a business owner,  I worked in varying roles as a middle and senior manager here in Nova Scotia and in Hawaii, so I have a special understanding of working in management and with voluntary boards of directors.


  • I coach only in areas on which I have experience.

  •  My ability to very successfully redefine myself when in transition turned some apparent regressions in my own life into incredible new adventures. 

  • A divorce lead me to my 6000 mile move to another country and a 23-year residence in Hawaii. 

  • Fibromyalgia and my Mother's death led to a start coaching business in my retirement years, to create a training and coaching program specifically for women with fibromyalgia, and then to modify it for use with others.   It also inspired me to write my first book.

  • In other words, I teach and coach what I have already demonstrated I can do.


I have not had children, so do not hire me for parenting advice.

I am not in a relationship, so while I can help you manage relationship issues as part of a broader focus, I do not offer  relationship coaching on its own.

I don't offer dating advice.


1 year, weekly, 50 sessions, $4997    

1 year biweekly, 25 sessions, $2497 

6 months weekly, 25 sessions, $2497

6 months biweekly, 12 sessions, $1297

Free DISCOVERY call for us to meet, determine a fit, and plan and book a package for you. 

(Private Coaching Single Sessions are not available.)

Ask if you Want a Custom Offer


  •  If you don't see what you are looking for, in length of session or number of sessions, please contact me, and I will try to accommodate your needs.  

  • The Fibro Freedom Formula Program is available to other audiences, on request,  privately or for groups. 

  • No LIVE In Person Gatherings are yet planned.  Please inquire, if you have a request.

Custom Requests

 If you are interested in custom options, please ask.  

VIP in-person options are available.  

Signature program, Fibro Freedom Formula, can be customized  for your group.  

No LIVE In Person Gatherings are yet planned, but are available. 


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