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Is Fibro Getting You Down? Would you like support?

Do you have Fibromyalgia, or do you know someone who does? I understand what it is like, because I have it, too. If you have it, I invite you to read on; if you don’t, please pass this along to someone you know who does. It may help them.

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You are fed up with a medical system that not only can’t help you; but, that treats you like you aren’t telling the truth, or are a hypochondriac.

You want to:

  •  Stop the pain
  •  Feel your energy again
  •  Get a good night’s sleep
  •  Feel good for several days in a row
  •  Be more present for your family 
  •  Be a better employee, boss, or entrepreneur
  •  Be a better friend and socialize more
  •  Get your body back in its healthy state
  •  Get your life back, the life you enjoyed before Fibro
  •  Have a great family vacation and not let anyone down
  •  Start a worthwhile project, knowing you’ll have the energy to follow through with it

Special Offer: FREE Introductory Call for Fibro Freedom Formula Prospective Clients

Since you have Fibromyalgia, we know you have some things really important to you that you want to change. You likely want to change how you and everyone around you are being affected by this illness. I’d like to help you get started, with a special one-on-one personal coaching session where we’ll work together to:

  • Look at where you are now, what you want to achieve, and what you need to do to make it happen.
  • Uncover the not-so-hidden, and the hidden challenges that are sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress.
  • Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired, knowing it is possible for you to achieve the changes you seek in your life, even with Fibro.

If you’d like to take advantage of this FREE 30 minute coaching session, fill in the form below. 

You can expect to be contacted to schedule your session with me within the next 3 business days.  If you don’t hear from me right away, it simply means I’ve received more requests than I can handle right now.  I don't delegate these calls.  When a slot opens, I will get in touch with you. 

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woman with fibromyalgia practicing yoga on the beach, easy and pleasant to do

woman with fibromyalgia practicing yoga on the beach, easy and pleasant to do

Free Session

Drop me a line to discuss Private or Group Coaching on the Fibro Freedom Formula, or your special request.

I love my clients and my prospective clients!

Much love to ALL Women with fibromyalgia.


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