Fibro Freedom Formula

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Do you believe Fibromyalgia is ruining your life?


Or, at least, making you miserable? 

Affecting your work? Your family? 

Are you even able to work?  

Are you fed up with suffering from this invisible, stigmatized disability?

I challenge you to take the time and invest in yourself,  to learn and be coached with practical tools that work, in a fun way, so you transform from being in pain and miserable to become the healthy, vibrant, and wise woman you long to be.

Tell Me More About This

Picture This:

Happy, healthy, active woman who has completed Fibro Freedom Formula

This is you in a year. You have transformed and by now your life is transforming all around you.  You are at ease.

  • At first there was resistance; but now, life is better than good. 
  • You feel well. 
  • You are well, active, and doing work that you enjoy, alongside people you admire. 
  • Your life is no longer a struggle. 
  • You have learned so much about yourself. 
  • You are at peace. 
  • You love and honor yourself and you have firmly ingrained habits to take care of yourself. 
  • You remember to pace yourself and to get plenty of rest because
  • You are a priority in your life.  
  • You have the energy and compassion to help others. 
  • Everything is aligned and 
  • All the parts of your life are looking better than ever. 
  • There is a new person in your life; it is you; and you know self-love.
  • Perhaps there is a new spark in a current relationship. 
  • You are basking in the glow. 
  • You have a social life again, and 
  • You are doing fun and interesting things with friends and family. 
  • You have planned a special adventure. 
  • Your whole life is changing for the better.
  • Your present self today has some difficulty believing all this is possible for you, let alone likely. But, at some level, you believe, you feel or you know it is possible, and entirely probable, if you take the chance and choose to accept my offer to give yourself this unique opportunity to learn to thrive
  • You deserve it, all of it.  

The transformation I provide for women suffering from Fibromyalgia is learning to heal yourself, to get well,  feel great, and live well.

Imagine how good that would feel.  

Know it is entirely possible.  

Decide to do this for yourself.

You are worth it!

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It happens by addressing your needs and  taking care of yourself on all levels of your being. 

That is why I created Fibro Freedom Formula, my LIVE online program for women with Fibromyalgia:

  •  to address our needs on all levels 
  • and to make changes on all levels. 
  • so we get results on all levels of life.

Fibro Freedom Formula Training & Coaching:

  • LIVE virtual sessions you can enjoy from the comfort of home

  • No surprise transparency in options and pricing

  • Options to suit  differing needs and budgets, both private and group

  • Free call to get acquainted and discuss best fit for you


Fibro Freedom Formula Benefits:

Benefits of Fibro Freedom Formula diverse women's hands holding up the word benefits

BENEFITS of Fibro Freedom Formula

"Your heart will open to massive transformation as our souls guide you to the life you seek and you discover who you really are."  Quote is by Kahu Fred Sterling, my first Spiritual teacher.

Your symptoms, including the pain and sleep issues, will be relieved and getting better and better the longer you keep up your new habits.

You will gain a new and higher perspective on your life through actively participating in this program. You'll become more optimistic and will focus your attention, time, and energy on positive possibilities. 

You will have goals and a plan to reach them.

You will understand that we humans have multiple bodies and systems, and will learn to work with them all, and to align them.

You will discover/remember who you really are and will awaken to the core you and your core values and beliefs.

You will learn to make peace with your thoughts. You will learn what your limiting beliefs are and will have cleared some of the big ones during the program. You will have learned to control the chattering of your mind and will know that your thoughts are not all true. You will have learned tools to deal with your thoughts, including fears and limiting beliefs. You will let go of negativity and will resist engaging in the negativity of others. Your well-being depends on it.

You will learn to safely release pent-up and disowned emotions caused by early wounding (which affects everyone) and will learn to find the gifts, skills, and abilities you developed in response to your early wounds and see that they point toward your purpose.

You will choose your goals and design your ideal life, understanding that it is possible for you to have a good, happy, and purposeful life. You will learn to imagine that you already have the life you want and to envision it, using all your senses, to see it, feel it, hear it, smell it and taste it. You will learn, create and adopt strategies and action plans towards your goals

You will understand that Fibromyalgia has taught you a lot and that it will not prevent you from working on your true purpose or achieving your dreams. You may find that it has been a wake up call to get you to examine your life from a higher perspective and to follow your own beliefs and values, hunches and dreams, instead of just doing what is expected of you.

Unique Approach to Fibro:

Going with the Flow, an image of Christine snorkeling

Go with the Flow.

Learn not to fight Fibro 


what we resist persists.

Learn not to focus on Fibro 


we attract what we focus on.

We are not just physical, 

so our wounds are not just physical.

We are not just physical.

Don’t just treat the physical. 

Learn to  Choose Freedom. 

Learn to think Freedom and Choice

not pain and suffering. 

Learn to speak Freedom and Choice

not pain and suffering.

What you think, say and/or do 

becomes who you are.

Thoughts become things.

Words matter.

We become what we repetitively do. 

Choose what you want to do and have. 

Become the person you imagine would do and have that.

Do repetitively what will cause 

the results you want.  

Learn to focus 

on what you choose.

Learn from fibro. Listen. Act. Change.

Embrace your spiritual reality and the power of our connectedness.

That is Life Mastery.

Go for it.

Why learn from me?

playful image of FibroCoach.Online, Christine talking about the benefits of her signature program Fibro Freedom Formula

Why learn from me?

I have worked my way out of the deep mess I was in from Fibromyalgia.  I can guide you through and out, using the same approach.  Fibromyalgia relief is entirely possible!

You get to make it unique to you, because you are doing the work.

I am the one who created the The Fibro Freedom Formula program. I'm writing the book about it, too.  I am busy creating and distributing free content to reach out to women suffering from fibro.  I sincerely want to help you, many of you.

I spent many years studying Philosophy, Theology, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Psychology and Healing. I learned and I practiced.  I became interested in Spirituality and Healing as soon as I moved to Hawaii, perhaps because being in such beautiful surroundings and nature invited awe, and that invited spirituality.  I developed even more interest after I became very ill and with time on my hands.  

After I returned back to Canada after all those years away, and after witnessing my Mother's  miserable final year, suffering from the ravages of Dementia and confinement to a nursing home, I set out on a mission to create a new life for myself and to again be of service to myself and to others.
I am specifically reaching out to women like me, women with fibromyalgia because:

  • I know how badly help is needed by women with fibromyalgia. I remember how  lost and alone I felt being diagnosed and coming to accept it. I'd have given anything for this kind of help back then. In fact, I did hang out with the closest thing, a group from a Healing Church and Community where I first learned about Healing.
  • I know your suffering is intense and your options for help are limited and hard to find.
  • I choose to help you because I have managed to help myself go from a complete physical, emotional, and mental wreck, to just an average work-disabled woman with fibro, to regaining control of my life, including my health and my ability to live a purposeful and happy life.  If I can do it, you can do it.
  • I choose to help you save time spent trying to figure this out on your own.  It took me over 2 decades (diagnosed).
  • I want to save you the many thousands of dollars I spent figuring this out. 

Besides, I know how to have fun and laugh. That is good for us all.

What Does Having Fibro Cost Us?

women looking at a document and showing shock and horror at the huge costs faced by women with fibromyalgia

 What does it cost us to suffer with fibromyalgia?

  • A lot.  Its costs a lot. 
  • Comfort, because we are in pain.
  • Sleep, because we don't get deep refreshing sleep and often have insomnia.
  • Peace, because we are so often stressed.
  • Clarity, because we suffer from brain fog.
  • Happiness, because we suffer from depression.
  • Calm, because we suffer from anxiety.
  • Fitness, because we are in pain and exertion brings on flares.
  • Healthy weight, because our medications cause weight gain.
  • Fun because we feel crappy.
  • It costs us in fear and worry
    • for our health
    • for our sanity
    • for our relationships
    • for our family
    • for our jobs
    • for our friends
    • for our social life
    • that fibro is ruining our lives.
  • It costs us in negativity, which has its own costs.
  • For many, it costs us our jobs, or careers.
    • That costs us our income for years. (If for example one was disabled for 20 years and was making $50,000, the lost income is an incomprehensible $1,000,000.  At $25,000, the lost income is $500,000.  Even if disability benefits are received, the financial cost is huge. )
    • It also costs us in savings not saved, and in retirement income and benefits not earned during what would have been our most lucrative earning years. 
    • It, instead, causes us to have to dip into our savings and even retirement savings and those lost savings are a cost of fibro.
  • It costs us for medications, doctors, other health services, various wellness services, as we try to find relief to manage our conditions.
  • It costs us, quite literally, a fortune, in personal toll and in money.


It makes good financial sense to invest in and do the Fibro Freedom Formula program, whichever option you buy.


September 21, 2019

"To mentor is to touch a life forever."  

This line describes the experience of my mentorship with Christine Lutley. 

The words "touch a life" call to mind an ailing child hugging the mother, feeling the warmth that her shoulders provide, and the pacifying words. This is the impressive nature of Christine. She has been a good friend, guiding me through perplexing situations. Christine is perceptive and empathetic towards her mentees. Furthermore, she is full of energy and I am in awe with her dynamic personality. Christine is a godsend and I feel fortunate to be mentored by her.

Shree Dhanya 

Chennai, TN

IndiaSeptember 5, 2018  

I have known Christine Lutley as a student,colleague and friend for almost 8 years and can attest to her character and proficiency in healing work. Specifically, Miss Lutley demonstrated excellent learning abilities in Access Consciousness Bars, for which I was a certified facilitator. She easily grasped the Bars method quickly and practiced diligently to receive her completion of the training and received a certificate in 2010.

As a witness of her work ethic, Miss Lutley went above and beyond to help a displaced, indigent, elderly woman receive energy work (hands on and remote healing) over the course of many months, with great compassion and what we in Hawai’i call ALOHA, unconditional love. She never asked for or required monetary or physical compensation of any sort, even though she could have used some kind of energy exchange for the numerous times she worked with that client. This demonstrates Miss Lutley’s empathy, generosity and willingness to show up and do the work with whomever presents herself or himself. 

It is an honor knowing Christine Lutley and I attest to her outstanding abilities to heal and teach and share her innate wisdom and knowledge as well as all the modalities she has mastered over these past 8 years. She will be of great service to the planet, and especially for the women who suffer with fibromyalgia, which Christine has herself experienced first- hand.

Radiant blessings,

Rev. Hileah Reigh

Honolulu, Hawaii

 January 7, 2019


Christine and I first met in grade one so our friendship is a long and caring one. Even with lengthy absences as we navigated our adult lives the friendship was one of ease. Christine was an extremely ardent student throughout her education both in public school and in university and now through the world of virtual training. Her interest in the human psyche is obvious in her compassion for others. She is not only able to share on a level of friendship but also in a respectful and professional manner. She is a good listener, a skill that is often traded for expertise, but so necessary for one to be a full participant in any human situation. 

On a personal note, Christine is godmother to both of my daughters. That choice, made many years ago, supports my earlier comments about Christine’s commitment to being a loving and responsible person. She does not take the human condition lightly.

Patricia DeYoung

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada


January 5, 2019

In gratitude, Beautiful…May people experience your light and go forward more empowered.

Christine has a beautiful empowered gentle angelic like energy. Very sensitive and empathic when working with others. She has transformed her life and her health in an empowered way since I first met her in Hawaii in 2012. Insightful, pragmatic and loving, as she guides you on your journey to sovereignty.

Sandra Mulligan 

Coyne, Australia

Fibro-Financial-Hardship Scholarships

  • I know Fibromyalgia can cause severe financial hardship; so, I offer a limited number of partial scholarships toward a Group Fibro Freedom Formula Program, for those suffering severe financial hardship because of fibro and needing fibromyalgia relief.  By application.  Apply today, towards next program. 

Women with Fibromyalgia agreeing on starting Fibro Freedom Formula program

Our Agreements

Our Agreements

Fibro Freedom Formula Agreements:

Your success can only be guaranteed by your complete commitment to yourself and to doing the work in this program.  Owning the program will not help you.  It is my mission to help all participants succeed and I am completely committed to that.  You also need to be committed to your success.  I can't do this for you. I did it for me and I know it works.

I am your coach and your success is my success.  My role is to coach you -- to train, motivate, inspire, support, teach, and guide you. I will provide you with support materials.  Your failure should you not do the work would also be mine.  I will do my best not to allow failure. I know you can do this and that you will benefit from the work.  Your progress may not be as fast as you'd like You CAN do this;  you need it and you will benefit from it.  Hang in there when it feels tough. 

Your job is to show up, participate, use the related course materials, and to do the assignments. 

  • Please communicate your needs to me throughout the program.  Sessions are highly interactive and there is every opportunity to express your needs, including a free private call with me before we start.  You will also be able to contact me by e-mail, text, and messenger between sessions. 

  • I highly recommend that we do a Free Get Acquainted Coaching Call before you buy.  Sometimes people just don't click and that is an opportunity to find that out. 

  • I am not a medical or health care practitioner. That is not my role or agreement with you. If you need medical help, please get it.  Do not rely on  any attempt to contact me as an attempt to get medical assistance. Get prompt local medical service.

  • There is a lot of information about the content of the course.  If you have questions about it before you enroll. please ask me by e-mail and on the Free Call.
    • If you are not comfortable with the idea of spirituality, or spiritual/energetic healing, this is not the right program for you.
    • It is the human condition to have mindset issues and we ALL need help in this.  If you are uncomfortable with mindset and emotional work and think my including them suggests that I am suggesting our illness is all in our heads, this is not the right program for you.
    • What I AM proclaiming is that fibromyalgia is symptomatic in and of more than just our physical bodies and so we will work on all levels

  • There are no refunds. Coaching services are typically not refundable.  Your success at reaching your goals is dependant on your efforts and any failure cannot be blamed on me. 
    • Any need for refunds should be prevented by careful consideration before purchase and by the Free Call with Me.  
    • Please note that post-purchase angst is a perfectly normal phenomenon and is not a reason for a refund.  
    • Your payment is your financial stake in the program to keep you from giving up too easily.   It is important that you want to do well, that you don't want to fail, and that you don't want to waste your money.
    • This is a small group (or private) program with a cost per participant,  a class limit, and my booked time.  

  • I've worked hard putting this together for you and I show up live.  I will be counting on your commitment, as you will be counting on mine.  
    • I commit to keep showing up. 
    • If you decide not to keep showing up, that is on you. 
    • There will be assignments to be documented online (in the site designated) for accountability.
    • If you have a major flare during the program, keeping you from being able to access your device or participate for an extended period,  you may e-mail me promptly and tell me about your situation. I may be able to arrange for you to attend the next session, if there is a space available.  However, you should make every attempt to do the sessions on your own.  A flare is not a message to wait until the next session.

  • All sessions (including Facebook Live) will be recorded and posted along with a transcription and session materials. If you are unwell and can't attend LIVE, the  recorded and transcribed sessions will be available for you,  even after the live program is over.  You may download the materials to your own devices.

  • Please understand that all the program materials are all copyrighted and are not for publication or distribution. They are for your exclusive use.  

  • There is a benefit to attending live; but all the energy of the work IS carried, in the frequency of the recordings. You may use them, over and over, and benefit from each repetition.  The subconscious mind learns by repetition.  

You will not be disappointed by me, or my program Fibro Freedom Formula, and you will benefit, if you do the work.  If you don't do the work, you can't reap the benefits.  If you do the work, you will experience constant wins.

Your healing and transformation will be proportional to the effort you put into this.  I assure you it will pay you back in energy, instead of depleting it.  It will transform you, even if you are able to believe in the slightest possibility of a chance that it might.  

That opening in your beliefs, your showing up, and your repeating the exercises WILL shift you and raise your energy.  It will change your experience of life with fibromyalgia.  It will change your experience of life.  

You will start seeing changes soon and incrementally.  Big change takes time. Be patient with yourself. Trust the process.

Change will continue as you continue doing the work, even after the course is over.   

There will be a path for you to continue with me after the program if you wish to do so.

If you find yourself slipping backwards, don't allow it.  Stop and hold on to your precious Power and Light.  You've got this and I've got your back.  If you do slip back, just start going again.  
If you have a major slip by slipping into old habits after the course ends, remember, you own the course and have access to it.  Keep doing the work.  When you have done the work to cause your desired results, you will succeed.

I encourage you to download the recordings and course materials to your device so you can to repeat the program or any part of it, on your own as many times as you want. 

Much love and appreciation to you, 

or, as I used to say in Hawaii, 

Aloha and Mahalo,
Christine  . 

Quick Summary

You guarantee your own success by committing to yourself and to doing the work, not by just owning the program.

I am readily available to speak directly with you: free call before we start,  during or after interactive sessions, and between sessions by e-mail or text.

Fibromyalgia is symptomatic in and of more than our physical bodies.  So we work with all 4-bodies.  Do you  resonate with that?  If not, this is not the right program for you. If yes,  great. Let's do this.

There are no refunds. Coaching services are typically not refundable.  Any need for refunds should be prevented by careful consideration before purchase and by the Free Call with Me.  Please note that post-purchase angst is a normal phenomenon and is not a reason for a refund.  Your payment is your financial stake in the program to keep you from giving up easily.  

The experience of doing Fibro Freedom Formula will transform you, if you are able to believe in the slightest possibility of a chance that it might.   

Sessions will be recorded and transcribed for you.

There is a benefit to attending live; but all the energy of the work IS carried, in the frequency of the recordings.  

Please understand that the materials are all copyrighted and are not for publication or distribution. They are for your exclusive use. 

Disclaimer:  Remember,  I am not a medical or health care provider; if you need medical care, please seek it from a local medical care provider.

Fibro Freedom Formula Options

woman with fibromyalgia practicing yoga on the beach

My Recommended Solution is my program, Fibro Freedom Formula.

Private and Group Options are Available


Private Coaching for anyone with Fibromyalgia, or other Chronic Pain and Fatigue Condition

Arrange free Discovery & Strategy call with me before you buy 


1 year, to allow sufficient time for Integration & Transformation

  • 48 weekly sessions over 12 months
  • Plenty of time to learn the techniques and do and integrate the work
  • Price $7200 CAD
  • Arrange a free Discovery & Strategy call with me.



  • 24 biweekly sessions (every second week) over 12 months  
  • Price $3600 CAD 
  • Arrange a free Discovery & Strategy call with me.

6 months, to allow minimum time for Integration & Transformation

  • 24 weekly sessions over 6 months
  • Plenty of time to learn the techniques and do and integrate the work
  • Price $3600  CAD
  • Arrange a free Discovery & Strategy call with me. 



  • 12 biweekly sessions (ever second week) over 6 months
  • Price $1800 CAD
  • Arrange free Discovery & Strategy call with me.


Small Group Program Packages 

Provide community support and lower pricing 

Women only
Experiential learning, not long lectures


Audio and Video Recordings, and Transcripts, available soon after sessions

Fun and rewarding sessions, 

Constant wins for you

Opportunity to learn and practice your new skills and to get well, affordably.

Ask about our Fibro Financial Hardship Scholarship

3-Month Fibro Freedom Formula 

  • 12 sessions weekly, over 3 months
  • Full pay price $997 CAD, no tax (Program suggested retail price sis $2500)
  • Inquire about a payment plan
  • Inquire about Fibro Hardship Scholarship
  •   Special BONUS for the 1ST Three who sign up
    • A Free private coaching session with me to discuss anything related to Fibromyalgia AND you may bring with you to the session anyone you want to learn more about how Fibro affects you.

Another 6-Month Fibro Freedom Formula Program session will be offered soon (in weeks, not months) 

  • Get on the waiting list. 
  • You may suggest your preferred day of the week, or time.
  • 24 sessions, weekly, over 6 months  
  • Full pay price $1997 CAD, no tax (Program suggested price is $3500)
  • Inquire about payment plan
  • Inquire about Fibro Hardship Scholarship
  •   Special BONUS for the 1ST Three who sign up
    • A Free private coaching session with me to discuss anything related to Fibromyalgia AND you may bring with you to the session anyone you want to learn more about how Fibro affects you

woman with fibromyalgia practicing yoga on the beach

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