You and Christine are among Millions of Women with Fibromyalgia

Life Coach Christine Lutley specializing in helping women with fibromyalgia

Meet Your Coach, Christine

Hello. I am Christine Lutley. I am a Virtual Life Coach with a special interest in helping Women with Fibromyalgia. I am one of you. Diagnosed in 1997, I intimately understand the difficulties Fibromyalgia sufferers face. After 20 years of being work disabled, I finally found my way out of the suffering of fibro and I can guide your way from pain and misery to becoming well and thriving.

An experienced spiritual/energy healer with an extensive toolbox, I will help you get well and live with passion and purpose again. My Mission is to help at least 10,000 women find their way free of Fibromyalgia.

My commitment to you is life intervention delivered with empathy, guidance, teaching, accountability, and support, so you can feel safe and inspired to accomplish lasting growth and change to find wholeness and peace.

This is a Life Intervention, not a medical intervention.  I am not a Medical or Health Practitioner and do not give medical advice. I do give good advice and much is backed by science.

Women with Fibromyalgia enjoy a sand meditation garden.

I've always loved a challenge. Fibro is a big one.

No one expects their life to be abruptly changed in their prime; but, it happened to each of us. While living in Hawaii, I actively searched for ways to end my suffering and the suffering of others. The islands are source of diverse healing ways, people, and presence. I connected with my Spirituality there; it became my way of being and how I connected with my spiritual Tribe.

Join me as I guide you to:

  • Take steps to recovery, being mindful and accepting what is, instead of resisting pain, fatigue and other symptoms, and taking planned conscious action and make change where we can in ourselves.  

  • Speed up your realization of your Wholeness, Value, and Power and place your attention back on that and the abundance available to you.

  • Move you move through and past the pain and into a new life of purpose and joy. 

The world needs strong women, in touch with our own feminine power, to heal what divides humanity. 

Women with Fibromyalgia seek balance and energy.

Even for Women with Fibromyalgia, Everything is Energy

It does not feel at all like "everything is energy" when you have Fibro with its chronic pain, extreme fatigue and depression.  I'll show you how and why our energy has become stuck so badly that it demands our attention. I’ll teach you to bring in life force energy,  stop leaking energy, and raise your energy frequency,  

I’ll teach you about energy, energy fields, and energy work. We will play in the Quantum, where science meets spirituality.
A life coach with a passion for healing and coaching  women with fibromyalgia, I’ll teach you to stop making the mistake of focusing on your chronic pain and fatigue which is exactly what you don’t want, and remind you to focus on and feel what you do want, because energy goes where attention flows. 

You’ll find yourself letting go of the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that undermine you, so you can emerge renewed and well.    


photo of Shree Dhanya, who provided a testimonial for Christine Lutley as her mentor and coach.


September 21, 2019

"To mentor is to touch a life forever."  

This line describes the experience of my mentorship with Christine Lutley. 

The words "touch a life" call to mind an ailing child hugging the mother, feeling the warmth that her shoulders provide, and the pacifying words. This is the impressive nature of Christine.  She has been a good friend, guiding me through perplexing situations. Christine is perceptive and empathetic towards her clients & mentees.  Furthermore, she is full of energy and I am in awe with her dynamic personality. Christine is a godsend and I feel fortunate to be mentored by her.

Shree Dhanya 

Chennai, TN


Fibro Coach Christine Lutley with Rev. Hileah Reigh, Testimonial provider


September 6, 2018  

I have known Christine Lutley as a student, colleague and friend for almost 8 years and can attest to her character and proficiency in healing work. Specifically, Miss Lutley demonstrated excellent learning abilities in Access Consciousness Bars, for which I was a certified facilitator. She easily grasped the Bars method quickly and practiced diligently to receive her completion of the training and received a certificate in 2010.

As a witness of her work ethic, Miss Lutley went above and beyond to help a displaced, indigent, elderly woman receive energy work (hands on and remote healing) over the course of many months, with great compassion and what we in Hawai’i call ALOHA, unconditional love. She never asked for or required monetary or physical compensation of any sort, even though she could have used some kind of energy exchange for the numerous times she worked with that client. This demonstrates Miss Lutley’s empathy, generosity and willingness to show up and do the work with whomever presents herself or himself. 

It is an honor knowing Christine Lutley and I attest to her outstanding abilities to heal and teach and share her innate wisdom and knowledge as well as all the modalities she has mastered over these past 8 years. She will be of great service to the planet, and especially for the women who suffer with fibromyalgia, which Christine has herself experienced first- hand.

Radiant blessings,

Rev. Hileah Reigh

Honolulu, Hawaii

Patricia DeYoung Testimonial provider



January 7, 2019 

Christine and I first met in grade one so our friendship is a long and caring one. Even with lengthy absences as we navigated our adult lives the friendship was one of ease. Christine was an extremely ardent student throughout her education both in public school and in university and now through the world of virtual training. Her interest in the human psyche is obvious in her compassion for others. She is not only able to share on a level of friendship but also in a respectful and professional manner. She is a good listener, a skill that is often traded for expertise, but so necessary for one to be a full participant in any human situation.

 On a personal note, Christine is godmother to both of my daughters. That choice, made many years ago, supports my earlier comments about Christine’s commitment to being a loving and responsible person. She does not take the human condition lightly.

Patricia DeYoung

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sandra Mulligan, Testimonial provider for Christine Lutley


Sat, Sept 5, 2018

In gratitude, Beautiful…May people experience your light and go forward more empowered.

Christine has a beautiful empowered gentle angelic like energy. Very sensitive and empathic when working with others. She has transformed her life and her health in an empowered way since I first met her in Hawaii in 2012. Insightful, pragmatic and loving, as she guides you on your journey to sovereignty.

Sandra Mulligan 


Fibro Freedom by FibroCoach.Online (short)

 This is a very short (29 seconds) introduction to Christine Lutley, FibroCoach. Online, and to her work coaching and teaching women with fibromyalgia make simple changes to cause their wellness, to create the life they want and to transform them into the women they long to be, well, productive, and thriving.   

Women with Fibromyalgia