Fibro Relief, Recovery, and Renewal

Reduce Your Pain

Another day dawning for women with fibromyalgia.

You are suffering from widespread and chronic pain and you want relief.  I'll help you find your way through the pain. Instead of resisting it which can make it persist, we'll  honor the pain and listen to all it is trying to teach you, express what it brings up in you, and make changes to rewire your brain to feel better again. I guide you to take the best possible care of yourself.

Get Rest and Sleep; Get Energized

Women with fibromyalgia would envy my dog, Pono's ability to sleep.

You have insomnia and the sleep you do get isn't deep and restorative.  Your internal clock is off and you are awake into the wee hours, and asleep when you ought to be getting up.  Not your fault!  No wonder you have extreme fatigue most of the time. You'll create healthy new routines to correct your circadian rhythm and to make your sleep more restorative and you more energized.

Supportive Journey

FibroCoach.Online offers women with fibromyalgia a supportive journey. This is my Happy Place, on a beach, near a palm tree.

Committing to a holistic, positive, healthy lifestyle is a big commitment, and will take dedication. But, your new mindset and habits will accomplish deep change and renewal. My personal commitment is to support your Transformation with understanding, a higher vision for you, guidance, accountability, and support.

What is in it for you?

Safe Space & Proven Program

A rainbow marking the end of rain and the return of sun, symbolic of the end of pain and suffering and the return of wellness for women with fibromyalgia

Safe Space for you to heal YOU, within a guided and interactive program delivered LIVE by the program creator with understanding, support, and lots of love, in a community of other women being proactive with Fibromyalgia. 

Do-It-Yourself Self Healing

woman with fibromyalgia practicing yoga on a beach

 Reminder that only you are responsible for you and the good news that means,  your Re-Empowerment.  Guidance and support to learn and practice Do-It-Yourself Self-Healing , especially for women with fibromyalgia. 

Address & Relieve Symptoms

A balancing act, life for women with fibromyalgia.

 Address, relieve, & resolve the many debilitating symptoms by healing all 4 bodies & the underlying causes of Fibromyalgia held in each.  This is not a quick temporary fix, but changes you make to create lasting change 

Build Daily Ritualized Habits

Raindrops and sunshine make plants thrive.  Learn to thrive as a woman with fibromyalgia.

Build daily ritualized habits to get and stay well.  Learn skills, tools and techniques for ongoing self-healing and self-care. 

 This is not a quick temporary fix, but changes you make to create lasting change. 

Healing on All Levels

4 bodies balanced and aligned by the infinite sea representing the formula you can learn to create your own Fibro Freedom

Healing is on all 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/energetic) and on all aspects of your life, so you can THRIVE. 

This is not a quick temporary fix, but lasting change. 

Freedom & Transformation

A symbol of change --  a dandilion, gone to seed ready to create a new crop . Learn to change your experience of fibromyalgia by getting at the seeds.

What you learn, do, and become using Fibro Freedom Formula will set you free. By doing what is necessary to cause the results you want consistently over time, you will transform. 

Fibro Freedom Formula by FibroCoachOnline


This is our introduction to Christine Lutley, FibroCoach. Online, and her work coaching and teaching women with fibromyalgia to make simple changes to cause their wellness, to create the life they want, and to transform them into the women they long to be -- well, productive, and thriving. 

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